Here is some feedback from my audiences
"Well you did it again! You stunned us with your lecture, the images were brilliant and your depth of knowledge and the delivery were absolutely superb." Roger Paxton, Tettenhall Wood PC Programme Secretary. January 2020.

"I just want to thank you for judging our competition with such professionalism, efficiency and compassion." Roy Gadsden, Newcastle Camera Club, November 2019.

"I am still relishing your presentation two weeks ago, I have received many plaudits on your behalf." Paul Clewett, Castle Donnington Probus Club Speaker Finder, March 2019.

"Many members of the club have asked me to write and thank you for a very informative and entertaining lecture. They all wished to convey to you that no-one has matched you for involving the audience in the subject being delivered and how much they enjoyed the experience. All now know just how much time, effort and care one must take to achieve distinctions; but thanks to you they also realize that it is not necessarily beyond reach. Thank you for giving such an enjoyable lecture." Keith Brown, Programme Secretary, Clay Cross Photographic Society, January 2019.

“Thank you for a superb lecture. Our members were full of praise for your lecture, the pictures and the amount of information you gave. Your depth of knowledge on the subjects was immense and also the intricate details you were able to bring to the lecture were brilliant. Your style and delivery were of the highest quality. Some of our members are hardened travellers and wildlife photographers but you managed to impress them!” Roger Paxton, Tettenhall Wood PC Programme Secretary, November 2018.

“Our members were most fortunate in that our speaker David Keith Jones was able to cover an emergency situation and deliver two excellent talks with stunning vistas of countryside and cities each enhanced by David's skills, architectural knowledge and narration. Talks with breath taking photography delivered by an excellent speaker. We look forward to his next visit.” Margaret Wood, Speakers Secretary, Walsall National Trust Association, November 2018.

“Thank you so much for another outstanding talk.Your illustrations are superb and bring the whole subject to life.You also talk fluently without the need for notes The feed back I have received from our members has been very good. You have made me want to visit Ravenna.”
Barbara Fryer, Speakers Secretary, National Trust Solihull Centre, October 2018

“Thank you so much for your presentation. It was one of the highlights of our season.
Relaxed, informative, humorous, extremely competent and professional - a real delight. I am sure I will be contacting you again.” Derek Martin, Beeston Camera Club, April 2018.

“David engrossed us all in his excellent lecture on Africa! Continent of Superlatives. This very informative and amazing lecture, with stunning images, delivered with great enthusiasm, left us all wanting for more! This was a wonderful photographic journey through a vast continent. We will book David for a future date.” Margaret Wood, Programme Sec.Walsall National Trust Association, January 2018.

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation. Your talk about the nomads was fascinating, and the pictures that you showed were superb.” Frank Wilson, Leamington Spa Probus Club, January 2018.

"Thank you very much for your commentary and judging our Club Competition - it was clear, concise and the critique was kind and fair. After you left many members came to me with glowing comments, having enjoyed your analysis and commentary."
Mike Calvert, Chairman & Competition Sec, Leamington Spa Photographic Society. January 2018

"Thank you for a superb evening - a wonderful photographic journey down the Rhône, accompanied by such an entertaining and informative commentary, followed by your insight into how commercially-successful photographs might not perform well in camera club competitions. Truly terrific! As an ex-teacher myself, I was in awe at your excellent commentary, and all without notes ….. no-one else on the camera club circuit can manage that!"
Phil Moorhouse, Programme Secretary, Shirley Photographic Society, November 2017.

"Thank you for your very interesting and fascinating presentation enjoyed by all at our recent meeting. The feedback I received was superb. I am sure I will be ringing you shortly.
Pat Bristow, Speakers Secretary, Derbyshire NHS Retirement Association, August 2017.

“Thank you for presenting at the camera club. It was a wonderful journey down the river Rhône followed by a great insight into the Nomads of Kenya. There was a lot of positive feedback from our members so once again thank you.”
Rob Hope, Chairman, Ashby Camera Club, January 2017.

“Thank you for your very interesting talk. It was beautifully presented, thought provoking and backed up by your high standard of photography. For the first time since we have been at our current venue every word could be clearly heard. Thank you for such a wonderful evening; we hope to book you for another talk in the not too distant future.” Barbara Fryer, Meetings Secretary, National Trust Solihull Centre, January, 2017.

“On behalf of the committee and members of Knowle Camera Club can I say a very big thank you for last night’s presentations. Wonderful images and stories to go with them.”
Roger Collett, Programme Secretary, Knowle Camera Club, January, 2017.

“Thank you so much for the evening you gave us. I’m trying to lean the club towards more education in photography and your presentation filled the remit exactly. Thank you for a superb evening and I do hope we can invite you again in the future.” Alan Lawrence ARPS, Programme Secretary, Wolverhampton Photographic Society, November 2016.

"Thank you for your remarkable presentation of a magical subject. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all present." Neil Wright, Melbourne Civic Society, October, 2016.

"Many thanks for a wonderful afternoon; it was delightful. I shall be ringing you shortly to book you again." Pat Bristow, NHS Retired Fellowship, Micleover, Derby July 2016.

"Thank you so much for your really interesting talk to our Probus club. It was extremely well received." John Fairbanks, Aldridge Probus Club, July 2016

“Many thanks for joining us last night and regaling us with fascinating stories and showing us your wonderful pictures. I shall certainly be in touch in the future with regard to a third visit.”
Glyn Wade, Secretary, Willfield Camera Club, April, 2016.

“We had our committee meeting last night and we all agreed that Tuesday was one of the best talks that we have had.” Brian Foskett, Market Harborough Photographic Society, March 2016

“Very many thanks for your excellent presentations to our club last night - we really did enjoy them, and it was so nice to have the details of your fantastic trips, as well as the superb photos - one of the best evenings we have had. No doubt I will be contacting you again to see if you can manage another visit.” Mike Saywood, Chairman, Market Harborough Photographic Society, March 2016

“I was very impressed by your talk and I’ve learned a lot just listening to your experiences and thoughts on the different aspects of photography. I would like to thank you most sincerely, and congratulate you on the rich experiences you have encountered in your photographic life.”
Dave Percival, Market Harborough PS, March 2016.

“What a superb evening last night! Not only excellent photographs but probably the best delivery of a lecture we have seen for a long time. I have had lots of positive comments from club members! On behalf of Worcestershire Camera Club, thank you so much for another excellent evening!”
Maddy Pennock LRPS, Programme Secretary, Worcetershire Camera Club, February 2016.

"Once again thank you both for the wonderful presentation you gave last evening. David's photography never fails to astound me and the commentary was pitched just right. On a cold January evening I wondered whether we might get the numbers there but your popularity ensured that we did." Gordon Cooper, South Staffordshire National Trust, January, 2016.

"I wanted to say how much I appreciated your talk and your photographs this evening. I was absolutely enthralled from start to finish. I especially felt your passion for the nomadic people. The photographs and the way you explained the lives of these people, was wonderful. You have a gift, and it's so fabulous that you shared it with us." Gayle Bevan, Stafford Camera Club, January, 2016.

"Thank you so much for the marvellous presentation yesterday. It was a lovely evening; fantastic photos, informative and thought provoking. I will be in touch soon to book you for 2016."
Barbro Millward, Sutton Coldfield National Trust, November 2015.

"Thank you very much for a splendid evening yesterday. Apart from the superb photography, you were very informative and the presentation was exemplary. There were nothing but favourable comments from the membership and I am sure you will be invited to return."
Maureen Mundon, Secretary, Kidderminster Camera Club. October 2015.

"Many thanks for a very interesting talk, taking us through the various regions along the Rhône. Your photographs are spectacular - such beautiful views!! Our members certainly enjoyed the evening especially as Carla was able to give some of the commentary in French - much appreciated."
Ann Jones, Treasurer, La Societe Franco-Anglaise d'Aldridge. October 2015.

"Thank you for coming to our Club last week. Everyone really enjoyed your presentation and excellent photographs of Northern Italy and we look forward to welcoming you again."
Carol Hirst of the 50+ Leisure and Learning Club in Sutton Coldfield, July 2015.

"This is to say how pleased we were to hear your talks on Italy and Life beyond the Judges.
They were inspirational to us all and there was no level of expertise for which your messages were not anything but relevant. It was smashing that the technicalities were minimal and always leading to an aesthetic benefit rather than being an end in themselves.
We’ll be delighted if you could come along again in the future."
Bob Hopkins, Programme Secretary of Badby Photographic Society, April 2015.

“Thank you for your interesting lecture and great photographs. We all enjoyed it very much and it was an honour to be taken along with you on your fantastic journey. Your ability as a lecturer is excellent and it all flowed perfectly keeping us all interested and wanting to hear more.”
Tina Barton-Ward, Programme Secretary, Clay Cross Photographic Society, March 2015

"I thought this week’s speaker was brilliant! Incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about his subjects which he has spent a lifetime observing; but an inspiration to hear him talk."
Glyn Wade, Secretary of Willfield CC forwarded this comment from a Club member, October 2014.

"Just a brief note to thank you for giving us the Nomads of Kenya presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the feedback I have received from members has been very positive indeed."
Peter Downham, Walmley Probus Club Secretary, August 2014.

"I would like to thank you for your presentation; it was one of the best we have had at the Society for a very long time."
Dave Clarke, Programme Secretary of Sutton Coldfield Photographic Society, March 2014.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening! The feedback I received was very positive with many people saying book him again! Coupled with a very slick presentation it made a superb evening!"
Maddy Pennock, Programme Secretary of Worcestershire Camera Club, March 2014.

"On behalf of the Mercia Group I thank you for the fascinating talks you gave to us on Northern Italy and Life beyond the Judges. Your pictures were absolutely superb. Many members have told me how much they enjoyed the evening."
Derek Watkins, Programme Secretary of Coventry Camera Club, November 2013.

"Everyone who attended your presentations thoroughly enjoyed them and recognised your high standards of photography and professional presentation and delivery."
George Lamb, Programme Secretary of Rugeley and Armitage Camera Club, October 2013.

"Thank you so much for your enthralling presentations. The Programme Sec’s arm will be bent to make sure you come back again." Barry Evans of Dudley Camera Club, November 2012.

"Thank you for your excellent lecture. We were treated to a feast of excellent images and the accompanying information was fascinating."
Linda Robinson of Ipswich & District Photographic Society. October 2011.

"Thank you for your excellent talk. It went down extremely well. I want to thank you for reminding me how beautiful Africa is and for taking such glorious images."
Roderick Orell LRPS, Programme Secretary of Brighton and Hove Camera Club, October 2011.

"Our members really enjoyed seeing your images and learning how they were taken. A very informative evening. Everyone was impressed by the enthusiasm you have for your photography."
Michael Anderson LRPS, Hon Sec of Colchester Photographic Society, October 2011.

"We were completely enthralled by your presentations. The whole evening was a complete joy." Michael Williams, Programme Secretary of Steyning Camera Club, October 2011.